Optimizing Service Operations at Corporate Express Australia

Office supplies company implementing Astea solution to gain single view of customers across divisions, standardize systems

Office supplies company implementing Astea solution to gain single view of customers across divisions, standardize systems

Orsham, PA — July 12, 2005 — Office supplies company Corporate Express Australia has signed up to use a service operations management solution from Astea International to more effectively manage costs by eliminating duplicate activity, standardizing systems and establishing best practices across its various divisions.

A leading supplier of business products to large, medium and small customers in Australia and New Zealand, Corporate Express Australia has 45 sales and distribution facilities across the two island nations, linked into one central computer system.

The company selected Astea over other service management providers, in part, for its industry-specific expertise, according to the solution provider. The first implementation of Astea's Alliance Service Management Suite is taking place in three locations, including Central Queensland, Central and Northern New South Wales and Tasmania. Broad implementation across other divisions in Australia is expected later this year.

Gaining 360-degree Customer View

Astea said that the Web-based Alliance Service Management Suite helps companies by integrating customer information across service organizations to provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

"With a real-time view of customer information, companies like Corporate Express Australia can drive even higher levels of customer satisfaction with faster response times to addressing customer requests, creating a seamless, consistent and highly personalized experience at every touch point," Astea said in announcing the deal.

"Our customers rely on us to help them simplify their procurement process and reduce their costs of doing business," said Garry Whatley, chief information officer of Corporate Express Australia. "With on-demand visibility into every view of the customer, we're able to save our customers and our company substantial time and money."

"Companies are increasingly realizing the urgent need to improve the service side of their businesses," said Paul Buzby, managing director of Astea International. "Corporate Express Australia is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, and our solution gives them the ammo to deliver exactly what their customers need, when they need it."

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