FKI Logistex Introduces Print-and-Apply Module

System automates label printing and application to increase throughputs in bar code, RFID, hybrid environments

System automates label printing and application to increase throughputs in bar code, RFID, hybrid environments

Cincinnati, OH — July 14, 2005 — Material handling solutions provider FKI Logistex has introduced a new self-contained, fully automated system designed to streamline and automate label printing and application in bar code, radio frequency identification (RFID) or hybrid ID environments, the company announced this week.

Using existing bar code information, the FKI Logistex Print-and-Apply Module queries a facility's warehouse management system (WMS) or other control system for the data needed for label printing. In many cases, the system takes product data from receiving or pick-and-pass operations and prints a shipping label that routes the box through a facility to its final destination.

FKI said that the module would be ideal for situations where throughput requirements demand the automation of the print-and-apply function, as the solution can operate at rates in excess of 30 cartons per minute.

Optional Hardware

The Print-and-Apply Module is typically implemented using the FKI Logistex BOSS control system, which handles the interaction of machine and transactional data from the programmable logic controller (PLC) level to the WMS level all on one PC. BOSS can also run a series of Print-and-Apply Modules from one location.

Standard hardware components in the Print-and-Apply Module include the underlying FKI Logistex conveyor and a bar code scanner and printer. Optional hardware components include a weighing scale and verification scanner used to provide check and shipping weight and label integrity confirmation.

In addition, an optional divert unit can redirect rejected product for manual handling. A second optional printer can be added for increased throughput and system redundancy. The Print-and-Apply Module can top-apply or side-apply labels.

"The Print-and-Apply Module gives FKI Logistex customers a flexible and high-throughput label printing and application system that fully automates a typically labor-intensive process," says Gary Cash, vice president for product management and marketing at FKI Logistex North America. "The quality and consistency of labeling provided by this system can improve identification accuracy, while reducing the cost of manual handling later in the process."

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