Blinco Systems Launches Supply Chain Visibility Solution

Aims to combine visibility into global shipments with event management and logistics analytics

Aims to combine visibility into global shipments with event management and logistics analytics

Toronto — August 3, 2005 — Blinco Systems Inc. (BSI), developer of 3rdwave Global Commerce Management (GCM) and sourcing solutions, has launched an electronic carrier transaction-based subscription messaging service for its clients, using Management Dynamics' BridgePoint supply chain visibility and performance management solution to provide 3rdwave clients with visibility, event management and logistics analytics to their global shipments.

BSI said that the BridgePoint solution provides global logistics data to 3rdwave GCM's global supply chain data backbone. With XML feeds from ocean, air, rail, truck carriers and trading partners, BridgePoint delivers these messages to the 3rdwave GCM global data repository.

In turn, 3rdwave then normalizes, analyzes and validates this information which allows the solution's logistics module to show upstream and downstream impact on product availability across a company's global supply chain, according to BSI.

David Blinick, president and CEO of Blinco, said that his company's offering would allow enterprise management to oversee the entire global supply chain, with -integrated, synchronized and automated carrier messaging, supported by dynamic workflows. The solution, he said, will be able to give BSI's clients the status and immediate impact of product as it moves to all intra- and inter-company users and global supply chain partners.

"By seeing what is or may be deviating from plan in real time and the future impact on inventory availability, our clients can more effectively manage their global supply chains, better control and turn their inventory, notably improve service to their customers and improve their cash and financial management," Blinick said.

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