Headwater, Vocollect Ally on Voice-Directed Distribution Consortium

Aim to drive adoption, functionality of voice-based applications in warehouse environments

Aim to drive adoption, functionality of voice-based applications in warehouse environments

Markham, Ontario  August 19, 2005  Headwater Technology Solutions and Vocollect, a provider voice-directed work solutions, are launching a consortium to deliver Vocollect's Voice-Directed Distribution for warehouse task management requirements in third party logistics (3PL) environments.

Headwater markets its SmartEnterprise 2 3PL and Del4PL product suites into the 3PL and 4PL markets, respectively. By integrating Vocollect's technologies with Headwater's logistics management systems, the two providers say that customers can achieve accuracy levels of up to 99.9 percent and productivity increases of up to 35 percent in 3PL environments.

"The consortium, made up of Headwater customers, has two main objectives," said Joe Couto, senior vice president at Headwater. "The members will work together to refine the existing voice-based application functions including order selection and forklift activities for the Headwater customer community. Secondly, it will create an ongoing forum between Headwater, Vocollect and our client base to drive future voice interface extensions into other applications."

"The opportunity to work with Headwater and its customers to extend the functionality of our existing suite of voice-directed applications is an exciting prospect," said Tim Eusterman, vice president of marketing and business development for Vocollect. "The key to meeting the unique needs of multi-party logistics operations is collaboration. We support this approach and look forward to extending the payback of today's solution with added features and functions for the Headwater user community."

The uniqueness of this Headwater program will emphasize the extension of workflow or "process logic"-based task management using Vocollect's Voice-Directed Distribution within single and multi-party 3PL warehousing environments. The consortium program will employ Vocollect's direct-to-WMS interface approach, leveraging voice-driven dialog directly with the business logic within Headwater WMS.

Targeted warehouse operations and 3PL logistics processes include the key elements of warehouse activity: unloading and receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking, loading and shipping, general moves, cycle counting, physical counting and task interleaving. The ultimate objective is to automate all warehouse operations with Voice-Directed Distribution.

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