Universal Solutions Takes on Reverse Logistics

For company's VP of IT, giving people insight into supply chain data is key to improving the reverse logistics business

For company's VP of IT, giving people insight into supply chain data is key to improving the reverse logistics business

Raleigh, NC — September 6, 2005 — Supply chain analysis and reverse logistics solutions provider Universal Solutions International Inc. (USI) has deployed QlikView, QlikTech's business analysis application. The use of the software gives USI employees and clients access to business information to increase sales, cut costs, enhance efficiency and improve client service, according to USI.

Universal Solutions provides its services specifically to the consumer products and healthcare industries, and they address the physical, financial, audit/integrity information needs of all channel partners throughout the supply chain. It is critical to the success of USI to have a clear understanding of their clients' data across all facets of the return chain and QlikView provides this level of granular insight.

"For us, QlikView made the impossible possible — we were able to assimilate and analyze data in ways never done before. We improved overall efficiencies because we had a tool that allowed us to immediately pinpoint problems and change our process," said Dan Tylak, vice president of IT for Universal Solutions International. "Even better was how we were able to use this application to enhance our service offering to our clients. The ability to integrate key pieces of our clients' data enabled us to provide them better business intelligence and superior service."

QlikView is used for all facets of USI's business, including finance, operations, scheduling, IT, research, performance and product recalls. The company also uses it to provide multi-dimensional reporting directly to its client base. Standardizing on QlikView allows clients and USI decision makers to see the same data, so connections can be made and departments can grasp what the affects would be if one change were to be made. USI said the ability to analyze data from every point in its business has allowed it to make process changes quicker and save time and money. Since implementing QlikView, USI has reduced operational backlog from 17 days to five days.

"Giving individuals the right tools to access the right set of data is essential to building a competitive advantage," said Rick Pitts, CEO of QlikTech U.S. "By providing a means for USI to access and analyze business data on the fly, USI is empowering its employees and laying the foundation for future successes."