Provia Introduces WMS RFP Template

Request for proposal scorecard intended to help companies select the right warehouse management system partner

Request for proposal scorecard intended to help companies select the right warehouse management system partner

Grand Rapids, MI — September 6, 2005 — Supply chain execution specialist Provia Software has developed a warehouse management system (WMS) request for proposal (RFP) scoring template that it says can serve as a tool to help companies evaluate vendors with the most viable WMS solutions to meet their needs from among the hundreds of providers in the market today.

The scoring RFP scoring template includes the latest technologies companies are looking for in a WMS, according to Provia, but it also addresses industry-specific topics to help companies determine which vendors' solution most closely matches their unique requirements.

Built with an editable architecture, it can be tailored to address the specific questions that apply to an organization's operations, which ultimately can save both the company and the prospective vendors time in the selection process, Provia said.

"As a leading supply chain execution software provider, we are continually looking to address the pain points that our prospects and customers encounter," said Paul Crist, vice president of sales and marketing for Provia. "Recognizing the challenge of selecting a WMS vendor, we developed the RFP template to streamline and expedite the vendor selection process. With this template, companies are now able to evaluate vendor's solutions quickly and easily."

While not intended to replace the detailed due diligence required in a WMS selection, Provia said its RFP scoring template can help companies evaluate WMS solutions, including Provia's own ViaWare WMS. ViaWare WMS is the core component of Provia's supply chain execution solutions.

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