Reva Systems Launches Network-intelligent RFID Interoperability Program

Solution providers to validate interoperability with Tag Acquisition Networks; integration testing with SAP completed

Solution providers to validate interoperability with Tag Acquisition Networks; integration testing with SAP completed

Chelmsford, MA — September 12, 2005 — Reva Systems, an emerging company focused on delivering network-intelligent enterprise architecture for radio frequency identification (RFID) installations, has launched a partner program designed to allow enterprise solution providers to validate interoperability with Reva-powered Tag Acquisition Networks (TANs).

Reva also announced that Walldorf, Germany-based SAP AG has successfully completed its Reva TIP testing at SAP's RFID laboratory in Palo Alto, Calif.

Reva said that its TAN Interoperability Program (TIP) offers a platform for Reva partners to respond to increasing customer demands that RFID data be made directly and flexibly accessible to existing enterprise IT infrastructures and business processes.

The program delivers implementation and certification guidelines, deployment best practices and technical assistance to allow enterprise solution providers to reliably access data from network-connected RFID readers.

"Reva's TAN architecture defines a facility-level framework for delivering high-quality RFID data in support of scalable, repeatable and reliable enterprise deployments," the provider said in its announcement of the program. "The Reva TIP program builds upon that, laying the crucial groundwork for enterprise applications and integration platforms to make use of RFID data in a robust, documented and out-of-the-box manner."

During TIP testing, Reva said it had successfully demonstrated interoperability between SAP's Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII) and a Reva-enabled network of RFID readers. The testing involved the acquisition of a large volume of facility-wide RFID passive tag data via the Reva TAN architecture and components, and the subsequent delivery of data to SAP AII, business process logic within the SAP NetWeaver platform, and mySAP enterprise resource planning (ERP). The testing process leveraged Reva technology and the emerging EPCglobal Application Level Event (ALE) standard in the configuring and delivery of RFID data.

"The ability to readily integrate RFID technology into the existing enterprise infrastructure will be the key to its success," said Ashley Stephenson, CEO of Reva Systems. "Reva's TAN Interoperability Program will help our partners respond to the evolving need of corporations to seamlessly integrate RFID data with existing enterprise applications."

Industry analysts agree that the most successful enterprise RFID solutions will reduce the cost and complexity of back-office systems integration. "Integrating RFID with back-end systems and business processes is a key challenge and currently requires a major investment," said Mike Liard, senior analyst for automatic identification and data at Venture Development Corporation, a consulting firm based in Natick, Mass. "The real value of a program like Reva's TIP partnership is that it allows RFID investments to fit into the business environment that network planners have to serve — it's not just a technology platform."

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