National Retail Systems Announces Major Expansion on Both Coasts

Logistics services provider adds capacity to handle new business, creates pier division to speed import logistics on East Coast

Logistics services provider adds capacity to handle new business, creates pier division to speed import logistics on East Coast

Secaucus, NJ — September 19, 2005 — Retail logistics services provider National Retail Systems (NRS) has added 800,000 square feet of distribution center capacity in Los Angeles and has leased 18 acres of property in Northern New Jersey to build one of the largest trailer/container yards in the New York area, the company has announced.

NRS said it has completed the expansion to support new business from its customer base of retailers. The West Coast expansion will support additional volume from Linens 'N Things, the national home accessories retail chain. Target Corp. has contracted NRS to manage its import container business on the East Coast, and electronics retailer Circuit City is also a new NRS client.

"Our customers need the kind of logistics partner that can offer visibility and control," said Raymond Wisniewski, NRS President. "Our formula is simple: offer unmatched customer service and industry-leading retail logistics expertise backed by effective investment in real assets and national reach. That's a powerful combination and a winning one for today's retailer."

The NRS Los Angeles distribution center this year has grown from 200,000 square feet to more than 1 million square feet to support rapid growth in integrated retail logistics operations, such as cross-docking, direct-to-store and warehousing.

In addition, in response to a steady increase in East Coast import container business, NRS has formed a Pier Division to manage efficiency and speed in port container operations. On the additional 18 acres across from its main distribution center in North Bergen, N.J., NRS will develop a trailer/container yard and intermodal facility. It will be one of the largest in the New York area, just three miles from the Lincoln Tunnel in close proximity to Port Elizabeth.

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