LXE Voice-enables Windows CE-based Wireless Computers

Taps Voxware solution to incorporate VoiceXML standard capabilities into mobile devices

Taps Voxware solution to incorporate VoiceXML standard capabilities into mobile devices

Lawrenceville, NJ — October 6, 2005 — Rugged handheld computer company LXE has selected Voxware's VoiceXML browser, VoxBrowser, to voice-enable its entire line of Windows CE-based wireless computers, Voxware has announced.

Voxware is staking a claim as the first and only vendor to provide voice technology for the logistics market that has fully utilized the VoiceXML standard in a browser. VoxBrowser eliminates dependence on proprietary links between host software applications and client devices, the solution provider said.

"We selected Voxware's VoxBrowser based on the strength of its open systems, standards-based architecture and the value of its powerful, industrial-strength speech recognition technology," said Jim Childress, president and general manager of LXE, which offers wireless data communications for real-time transaction processing in materials handling operations. "With VoxBrowser we can easily add voice capabilities to the full range of our current and future wireless computers. As a result, our customers and partners will significantly expand applications of speech recognition technology — through any LXE device — across their logistics solutions."

"Voice has become a strategic imperative in today's warehouse operations," noted Tom Drury, Voxware CEO. Voxware said that VoxBrowser enables customers and logistics solution providers to develop applications that can include Windows CE devices, thereby expanding where and how voice can be integrated into the warehouse. "Customers can now deploy voice solutions with greater flexibility and portability, which lowers TCO," added Drury. "At the same time, it allows companies to leverage, in a very short timeframe, the quantum leaps in accuracy and productivity that voice delivers."

"This is a watershed event for the logistics market, because it opens up a vast array of opportunities for logistics solution providers, who can now leverage open systems, industry standards and thin-client technology in voice-enabled Windows CE devices," noted Childress. "Voxware's VoxBrowser enables any logistics solution provider to quickly and effortlessly voice-enable a WMS, ERP or warehouse distribution application."

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