Aerospace Parts Contractor Selects Technology to Integrate Operations

Workflow customization capability convinces Car-Graph Inc. that system from Infor is comprehensive

Workflow customization capability convinces Car-Graph Inc. that system from Infor is comprehensive

Atlanta — October 17, 2005 — Car-Graph Inc., a contractor for aircraft manufacturers, NASA and the U.S. government, said today that it has selected an Infor solution for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

After examining ERP systems offered by a number of providers, Car-Graph Inc. of Tempe, Ariz., chose Infor's VISUAL Enterprise, an element of Infor's Manufacturing Essentials, to integrate all the operations of its two companies that make machined carbon and graphite aerospace parts.

We ultimately chose the Infor solution because it was the best and most complete system evaluated, said Brian Pemberton, operations manager/industrial engineer for Car-Graph. The overall layout of the program created a user-friendly and logical environment for our test users (who comprised all major department heads) to navigate and simulate our internal workflow.

Pemberton said Infor's workflow management, with visual display of part masters and work-order travels, was especially important in helping the company gain a better overview of the process flow of each part, as well as real-time completion percentages and costs as the job moved through the shop floor. He also described Infor's solution for ensuring quality as the most comprehensive we could find from any software company.

The Infor system allows customization that enables Car-Graph to stop potential time-and-resource-consuming mistakes before erroneous transactions enter the system. We could create our own custom safeguards that could trigger e-mails and executes of other programs, as well as custom warnings and process flows.

Car-Graph plans to employ the Infor solution to improve its access to information through personalized dashboards; to increase throughput; and to improve job costing, scheduling, on-time deliveries and data accuracy.

Such Infor technology provides a software solution designed to meet the needs of the make-to-order, engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturers.

Its core functionality includes engineering definition and control, ECN, scheduling (both finite and infinite) and advanced planning and scheduling, shop floor control, lot and serial traceability, purchasing, inventory control, MRP/MPS, dimensional inventory, order entry (including quoting and estimating and price book), cost accounting, contact centre, workflow and messaging.

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