ILOG, HandySoft Partner for Business Process, Business Rule Management Systems

HandySoft customers to use ILOG software to alter corporate policies

MHandySoft customers to use ILOG software to alter corporate policies

Orlando, FL — October 18, 2005 — HandySoft Global Corp., a business process management (BPM) solutions provider, and ILOG, a provider of business rules management systems (BRMS), today announced the interoperability of BizFlow and ILOG JRules.

By integrating BizFlow and JRules via Web Services, business users can use JRules, a key offering in ILOG's BRMS product line, to create and edit corporate policies that govern complex business processes managed through BizFlow, HandySoft's BPM platform. The companies said the interoperability of the two products promotes a rapid response to changing business dynamics, competitive forces and regulations, especially those in the financial services and government sectors.

According to a December 15, 2004 Gartner report entitled Taking Rule Technologies for a Test Drive, The need for time-to-market response to business change is overwhelming, and it is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on businesses, including increased regulatory change. Organizations are under duress to become adaptable and apply the knowledge captured in rule sets to outflank competition and deal with changing business environments.

The Garter report went on to note that business users want to change rules without going through a long-running change process that is, at best, measured in days and, at worst, in weeks and months. We expect response times to move to hours as organizations move toward zero time-to-market,' the report stated. Business agility will continue to require friendly business rule engine changes in a real-time fashion, increasing the use of flexible rule technology.

Using the integration package provided by ILOG and HandySoft, organizations can use ILOG JRules to create and edit business rules that underlie corporate policies. ILOG JRules also provides the means for deploying these business rules as reusable services within multiple business processes. With the integration to BizFlow, the providers said business process owners can first design and then automate these processes, accessing the rules developed in JRules as a decision service.

Our customers, particularly in financial services and government, are using BizFlow to manage and automate increasingly complex processes, commented Daniele Chenal, vice president of Product Management and Marketing at HandySoft Global. As a result, we are seeing an increased demand for the capabilities offered by BizFlow's integration with ILOG's JRules, like developing business rules in plain language and publishing them as reusable decision services.

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