American Mills Adds Mobile Computing to Legacy ERP Systems

Software from Barcoding Inc. to provide host-based application emulation for PSC handheld devices

Software from Barcoding Inc. to provide host-based application emulation for PSC handheld devices

Atlanta, GA — November 10, 2005 — Data-capture solutions provider Barcoding Inc. has completed a warehouse information technology upgrade at American Mills, the Atlanta-based manufacturer of pillows, table linens, quilts, comforters and various home textile products for major retail stores and gift shops.

Using Stay-Linked software, Barcoding said it was able to interface wireless PSC mobile computers with legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software running on American Mill's IBM AS400 iSeries host-computing platform.

The new mobile computers are expected to allow American Mills to keep tighter control over inventory by giving management a real-time view of resource allocation, thereby improving profitability and customer service.

American Mills asked Barcoding to design a warehouse system upgrade that would increase the accuracy of inventory counts, reduce over-stocking of items and minimize stock-outs. After evaluating American Mills systems' and determining the project requirements, Barcoding recommended and supplied PSC Falcon 345 wireless terminals running Stay-Linked thin-client terminal emulation and session management software, which included advanced technology for providing enhanced, real-time support capabilities for their wireless users. Barcoding also expanded the existing Cisco wireless network so it would cover American Mills' entire facility.

"We sell, import, warehouse, manufacture, pick, pack and ship a great many [stock-keeping units (SKUs)]. Our entire facility is treated as a virtual warehouse of raw materials and finished goods. Through the use of wireless scanning systems, we know the exact quantities and locations of raw materials, work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods, what orders have been loaded for shipment and onto what trailers," said Larry Scott, senior vice president of Finance and Information Systems at American Mills. "I've been in this business for over 20 years, and this is by far the easiest implementation I have ever experienced. This system allows us to plan and execute purchasing, manufacturing, and shipping in a profitable manner."

In just six weeks from the initial visit to complete installation, Barcoding was able to implement a complete hybrid emulation system, while protecting American Mills software investment by running legacy inventory applications on new, PSC handheld computers. The system provides host-based preservation of wireless user application screens/sessions; centralized wireless session/device configuration, monitoring and control; along with secure end-to-end wireless data transmission between clients and the application host.