GNX, WWRE Complete Merger to Form Agentrics

Union creates the retail industry's largest commercial collaboration platform for retailers and their trading partners

Union creates the retail industry's largest commercial collaboration platform for retailers and their trading partners

Alexandria, VA — November 17, 2005 — GNX and the WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE) have completed their merger and debuted a new moniker this week, Agentrics, meant to evoke the united company's role as an "Agent for Retail Information and Collaborative Solutions" within the global retail and consumer products industry.

"As investors and customers, we regard Agentrics as a trusted agent for enabling our collaborative interactions with suppliers" said Eric Reiss, chief financial officer at Carrefour and a member of Agentrics' board. "Agentrics is in a privileged position to leverage their unique insights into our business requirements and deliver high value-added solutions across the retail supply chain."

Bringing together two separate businesses serving more than 50 global retailers and thousands of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, Agentrics said that it has become one of the world's largest retail technology solution providers.

"We are delighted to announce the closure of this deal and have already made great strides in the integration of the two businesses," said Kevin Smith, senior vice president for supply chain and logistics at CVS/pharmacy and a member of Agentrics' board. "Our members on both sides are eager to leverage Agentrics' expanded solutions platform and collaborate to significantly improve the pace of standards creation and solutions adoption."

Agentrics has headquarters in both Alexandria, Va., and Chicago, and it offers solutions that include online auctions and strategic sourcing services and consulting; supply chain collaboration solutions, including global data synchronization and data quality services and consulting; collaborative supply chain planning, promotions management and event collaboration management; operational point-of-sale (POS) data exchange and value added services; trading partner performance score-carding and management; and product lifecycle management.

In addition, the company has a global services and consulting arm to assist retailers and manufacturers in defining strategic collaboration direction, evaluating complimentary technologies, and assisting with trading partner rollout and mass enablement. Agentrics said it is combining the communities and working groups of both WWRE and GNX to share best practices, drive and implement global standards, and deliver requirements directly into the solutions development roadmap.

The Agentrics senior leadership team includes Christopher Sellers (executive chairman) and Joseph Laughlin (CEO). "With a presence in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, our global team serves customers within their countries of operation", said Sellers. "We have made considerable headway in our consolidation plans, launched a ground-breaking new point-of-sale data-sharing solution platform, and have a clear roadmap for leveraging our strategic position as a trusted industry conduit and channel for collaboration".

Among the immediate priorities of Agentrics is the consolidation and rationalization of the software and technology platforms from GNX and WWRE, which will result in a cost advantage to the new company, according to Agentrics. Through technology partnerships and investment, Agentrics said it would operate an integrated collaboration interface for retailers and their supplier that reduces cost to serve, accelerates time to market, and enhances consumer value.

"Agentrics delivers a critical mass from inception" said Laughlin. "Our solutions and services are driven directly from the business needs of 50 global retailers and their thousands of suppliers. Agentrics has unparalleled access to this membership for product development, sharing best practices, and driving mass usage and adoption of collaborative solutions."

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