RedTail Solutions Debuts Global Data Synchronization Integrated with EDI

Swiss Medica leveraging newly introduced solution to support external data synchronization requirements with Walgreens

Swiss Medica leveraging newly introduced solution to support external data synchronization requirements with Walgreens

Westborough, MA — December 13, 2005 — Supply chain solution provider RedTail Solutions has released the latest version of its global data synchronization solution integrated with electronic data interchange (EDI) in its new RedTail Transaction Manager (RTTM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

RedTail provides outsourced solutions for supply chain visibility, including electronic trading and global data synchronization. The newest version of the RedTail Transaction Manager incorporates Xpress Conveyor (RTTM-XC), designed to satisfy the needs of consumer goods manufacturers (suppliers) that require a simple, easy way to load, maintain and publish product data through 1SYNC's data pool.

Using RTTM-XC, suppliers can accomplish data synchronization as part of their EDI process, according to RedTail. "Data synchronization based on industry standards is a fundamental requirement to garnering true operational efficiencies in transaction exchange and ultimately throughout the supply chain," said Steve Horton, chief marketing officer for RedTail Solutions. "By incorporating data synchronization and releasing RTTM-XC to the market as a single solution, we can eliminate many of the barriers faced by suppliers and increase the rate at which they will adopt global standards."

Synching with Walgreens

RedTail customer Swiss Medica, a distributor of proprietary bioscience products, has adopted the updated platform to help satisfy retail trading partner Walgreens requirements for synchronizing item data. Swiss Medica was asked by Walgreens earlier this year to apply global data synchronization to its item data catalogue. Swiss Medica turned to RedTail Solutions for assistance. Within a few days, Swiss Medica was able to leverage the installed RedTail EDI interface as its single source to perform ongoing EDI and global data synchronization (GDS) activity through a single, integrated solution.

"We already depend on RTTM for our daily EDI activity, which is tightly integrated to our corporate accounting system, Business Vision," said Bill Margraf, logistics manager for Swiss Medica. "The ability to leverage a single solution to manage our new GDS requirement helped us to avoid the time and expense associated with finding a standalone solution. RedTail Solutions provided us with that out-of-the-box functionality as a GDS service that is basically an extension of what we are already doing with our outsourced EDI process."

In July 2005, RedTail acquired the Xpress technology platform and all of its associated intellectual property, which was originally developed by Commerce One, a pioneer along with the Uniform Code Council (UCC) in the field of product data synchronization. RedTail incorporated the technology into its own software as a service (SaaS) platform to give mid-market and enterprise-level companies fully integrated solutions that comply with standards for EDI, GDS and radio frequency identification (RFID).

Benefits of SaaS

According to Patricia Meisner, CEO of Redtail Solutions: "A profound shift is occurring in the way that enterprise applications are purchased and delivered. Suppliers have become increasingly dissatisfied by time and resource-intensive application deployment cycles that cannot keep up with rapidly evolving standards and requirements for participation in today's global supply chain. RedTail's SaaS model provides suppliers with state-of-the-art capabilities to comply with the requirements of their key customers and to compete for their business at the highest level. General benefits to the supplier include reductions in cost, risk and the length of time it takes to recognize true value from RedTail's solution as compared to the investment made for in-house deployments."

RedTail said its solution now serves as a single-source system for EDI and GDS that is integrated with the supplier's product information. The RedTail SaaS platform will also provide access to EPC global's RFID information services as they becomes available. Today it is serves as the basis for the handling of transaction exchange and extending suppliers' visibility throughout the supply chain.

RTTM-XC is available immediately with subscription pricing available for suppliers that wish to use the combined EDI and data synchronization capability, as well as for those who want to use RTTM-XC as a hosted solution for data synchronization only.

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