ILOG Introduces Gantt Chart Graphic Tools for .NET

Solution intended to accelerate development of scheduling applications across industries

Solution intended to accelerate development of scheduling applications across industries

Mountain View, CA — January 27, 2004 — Software company ILOG today rolled out what it is calling the first set of C#-based graphics tools for creating Gantt charts for Microsoft's .NET development environment.

An extension of the ILOG Visualization Suite, ILOG Gantt for .NET targets .NET developers who want to create Gantt charts using a pure .NET solution, a result that ILOG said would be faster and easier compared with previously available products or home-grown solutions.

Gantt charts are the most widely-used front-end for viewing scheduling resources — including people, machines and raw materials — in use today, facilitating more efficient management of these resources.

ILOG said that Gantt for .NET will help speed time-to-market for developers and equip end-users in manufacturing, transportation and other industries with the ability to visualize and edit schedules and plans.

Prior to Gantt for .NET, developers either had to adapt ActiveX-based products to the .NET framework that offered, at best, an interface to .NET, or they had to create their own Gantt charts from scratch, a costly and time-consuming endeavor, ILOG said.

The new solution is built entirely in C# and integrates into any .NET application through Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Borland C# Builder, eliminating the need for developers to write extra code, according to the solution provider. In addition, ILOG said that the product is architected to be flexible and customizable.

Gantt for .NET features a data model that can be adapted to various data sources and that automatically synchronizes data with views. Customization is further supported with a set of Windows Forms controls that the developer can assemble, and with a rule-based tool that allows developers to reflect data values using graphical representations.

Christophe Sambo, project leader at ILOG customer Aeroports de Paris, said, that Gantt for .NET helping his organization plan hundreds of thousands of activities and offering highly-specific notations and interactions. "Its ease of use in Visual Studio .NET saves us a considerable amount of time," Sambo said.