Food Lion Joins the ONE Retail Network

Grocery retailer is using network to strength Web-based transportation management and appointment scheduling

Grocery retailer is using network to strength Web-based transportation management and appointment scheduling

Dallas, TX — November 22, 2004 — One Network Enterprises Inc. (ONE), a supply chain management software provider, today announced that Food Lion LLC has joined the ONE Retail network.

ONE Retail is designed to connect retailers, their suppliers and transportation partners on a distributed transaction layer with network-wide visibility, on-demand Web applications and shared business processes.

Food Lion said it will employ the Web-based order execution capabilities of the ONE Retail network, using automated transportation management and self-serve appointment scheduling to manage all inbound orders and shipments into and at its distribution centers.

We conducted a diligent process of analysis and selection, and chose the network that best meets Food Lion's needs, said Dennis McCoy, vice president of Distribution at Food Lion. We believe sharing the network and standardized processes with all our partners will help us move information faster and streamline operations.

ONE said ONE Retail is an Internet-based supply network with many-to-many connectivity. It is built on technology that it delivered in an on-demand model. Rather than accelerating point-to-point data exchange along a traditional linear supply chain, ONE creates a distributed supply network where any participant can see and react to what is happening in the end-to-end system.

Beyond visibility, the solution integrates transaction management with execution and real-time planning. Network participants create and share multi-company business processes, and can adapt them in response to changing conditions. Incremental decision support allows partners to resolve issues as they arise in real-time, and automatically guides operations towards business objectives.

The ONE Retail network currently serves over one third of the grocery retail market, including suppliers Kraft and Heinz, grocery retailers Delhaize America, Kroger, Safeway and Publix; and more than 650 logistics and transportation companies.