RFID Compliance Solutions from International Paper

IP offering solutions to help business implement radio frequency technologies to improve their supply chains

IP offering solutions to help business implement radio frequency technologies to improve their supply chains

Memphis, TN — December 9, 2004 — With radio frequency identification (RFID) technology rapidly developing and compliance mandates constantly evolving, implementing this technology can be challenging, prompting International Paper to offer compliance solutions designed to help businesses implement RFID technology to improve their supply chain.

IP said that it provides a variety of what it is calling "Core Compliance" solutions for RFID, ranging from basic to comprehensive. "If businesses are looking for bare minimum compliance or full integrations, International Paper is equipped to meet their needs," the company said in announcing its services.

"It is not just about meeting mandates," said Le Tran, project director of IP's Smart Packaging Business. "We are dedicated to developing results that work best with our customers' existing systems and make sense for their business."

IP's basic system targets customers with small volumes to tag. If customers want to ensure that tagged cases can be read at their trading partners' sites, a verification station is added to ensure that RFID tags are read after applied. For customers who want to start gaining supply chain benefits from RFID, dock portals are available to automatically check in and outbound shipments.

Customers requiring high volume tagging can take advantage of powered conveyors and automatic tag applications. If customers want to integrate a solution to their legacy application, IP offers platforms that interface through a variety of protocols. To give customers enterprise control over their serialization, a centralized server can be installed.

"We have gained experience developing and deploying RFID-enabled solutions with a broad range of customers, and we can test the latest technology at our Customer Solution Center, enabling us to provide the best compliance solutions," Trans said.

IP said that it tests its solutions at the center, located in Memphis, Tenn., with 600 feet per minute (fpm) conveyor and dock portals that simulate the distribution centers of major retailers.

The paper company established its Smart Packaging business in 1999, and the unit now offers customers RFID/EPC-enabled products and integrated services from warehousing and transportation tracking to the retail shelf to improved business processes and supply chain performance.