Deep Rock Water Signs Outsourced Billing Contract

Bottled water company to let Billtrust handle its billing and customer care needs

Bottled water company to let Billtrust handle its billing and customer care needs

Windsor, NJ — December 10, 2004 — Billtrust, a provider of outsourced billing solutions, announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide Deep Rock Water, a bottled water company serving customers from Minnesota to Colorado, with an integrated solution for its next-generation billing and customer care needs for 2004 and beyond.

Under the terms of the contract, Billtrust is supplying Deep Rock Water with its CompleteBilling suite, including paper billing, electronic billing, CustomerCare, expert bill redesign and in-bill marketing.

Deep Rock Water had been using an outdated postcard-based system for billing its more than 50,000 business and residential customers. Billtrust's bill designers worked with Deep Rock Water to create an intuitive bill design to reduce customer confusion and billing related calls to customer service.

The enhanced bill design also is able to speed customer payments by up to five days. Within the new bill design, Deep Rock Water also has the ability to cross-sell to their customers through dynamic in-bill marketing efforts.

Deep Rock Water Chief Technology Officer Jeff Sauter said that his company's accounting system provider originally recommended Billtrust to meet its needs. Billing and customer care are very important to Deep Rock Water, Sauter explained. Along with our route representatives, the billing system and our customer care reps really define the relationship we have with our customers. Sauter went on to say that by partnering with Billtrust, Deep Rock is able to improve the image and usability of its bills, streamline internal operations, and count on billing and customer care support.

Billtrust's outsourced billing services span the full lifecycle of billing and customer care, in any accounting system environment, according to the provider. Once the invoice and monthly statement re-design is complete, billing data is sent directly to Billtrust for processing, where it is parsed into a specially formatted bill design form. Specific billing rules then are incorporated, and Billtrust's SmartRouting technology completes the cycle by delivering bills via print, e-mail, fax or e-bill processing.

Upon completion, customer service staff (as well as the customers themselves) then can access PDF images of customer invoices at any time, through Billtrust's online CustomerCare solution.