77% of Frontline Supply Chain Workers Considering Job Change 3 Months

Seventy-seven percent equates to three-quarters of the workforce, and 46% of those respondents have only been in their role for less than a year.

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Workers are still leaving companies in droves, and this trend only seems to be gaining momentum, with close to 77% of frontline supply chain workers looking to change their jobs over the next three months, according to a WorkStep study.

“These numbers are alarming. Consider the cost of turnover. How will this affect your company’s bottom line over the next few months? The answer is significantly. Losing a single member of your workforce costs a business so much more than just the termed employee’s salary. Today, the average cost of losing a single frontline worker is $12,876. Now consider the financial repercussions if nearly 80% of workers leave their current roles in the next few months,” says Mark Bell, VP of marketing, WorkStep.

From WorkStep:

  • 77% of respondents are considering leaving their current role in the next three months. That’s over three-quarters of the workforce. And it’s likely many of those people have not been with the company very long, especially since 46% of respondents say they’ve only been in their role for less than a year.
  • 38% of workers are potentially leaving because of limited career growth opportunities, while 72% rank career growth opportunities as a top priority when choosing a new role. 
  • 100% of workers say flexibility, schedules and hours influence their decision on taking a new role.