Planning & Optimization for Inventory & Warehouse

March 17, 2014
March 19, 2014

Salvo Global's three-day comprehensive masterclass on "Planning & Optimization for Inventory & Warehouse" will allow delegates to achieve accurate planning, greater inventory control and supply chain visibility, as well as maximized profitability and service levels. Delegates will walk away not only with critical tools developed by our expert trainer, but also a detailed and customized action plan for immediate implementation for their organization.


In our dynamic and fast-changing environment, the only constant is the ever-increasing competition and customer demand. Customers and businesses alike are impatient and expect products to be available immediately. With narrowing margins and profitability, maintaining a lean, agile and responsive supply chain is no longer a competitive advantage, but a means for survival. It is indeed crucial for organizations today to achieve effective inventory planning, control and management. There is a need to trim the fats off excess inventories, and maintain a minimal yet sustainable inventory investments without risking stock -outs or production shutdowns.


However, meeting this objective is often fraught with challenging practical issues. How can you measure and continuously improve the accuracy of your consensus demand planning? How do you formulate an effective replenishment strategy for thousands of items both sporadic and recurring? How do you effectively deal with supplier price breaks and promotions? How can you improve stock accuracy in the warehouse to reduce unplanned stock-outs while filling orders in the most cost-effective manner? These are the questions this masterclass will address and the speaker is able to customize the solutions unique to each organization.