What is Best-in-Class Contractor Management?

Global trends indicate a continued growth of outsourcing non-core business activities to third-party contractors. Outsourcing inevitably carries risk exposure, generating the need for organizations to maintain sustainable contractor management practices.

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ISN provides capital-intensive industries and public sector agencies with a central location to manage and assess verified contractor performance data, including safety, training, environmental, quality, regulatory and procurement information.

The “What is Best-in-Class in Contractor Management?” white paper provides fundamentals for benchmarking your practices and minimizing your risk exposure when outsourcing high/medium risk work to contractor companies. Highlights include:

  • Establishing a clear communication strategy
  • Measuring performance and reporting capabilities
  • Developing due diligence practices to improve accountability
  • Implementing standardized and transparent processes
  • Leveraging technology and verified contractor information to make informed decisions

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