Bottom-line Impact by Addressing the Cost of Goods Sold

Intesource assists companies in getting the most from the end-to-end procurement process, including e-Sourcing and Procurement, contract management and spend management

Pressure. We all deal with it. In business, it seems like the pressures are increasing at an exponential rate. In particular, bottom-line pressures. Revenues aren't growing like they once did, costs continue to rise, expenses increase year over year. There are many factors pressuring the bottom-line and most business leaders believe (and behave as if) lowering below-the-line expenses is THE ONLY way to bolster a sagging bottom line. Sure, there are efficiencies to be gained and productivity improvements to be made, but most senior executive focus is on the expense line of the P&L. That focus is good and can have some positive impact on bottom-line profitability. As business leaders, we continue to largely ignore "the elephant on the table": Cost of Goods and Services...

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