Guidelines for Expert Columnists in Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Check out the guidelines to submit contributed content to Supply & Demand Chain Executive,

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Guidelines for submitting industry expert columns

  • Deadline:  Columns are published online on a first-come, first-serve basis, therefore there is no specific deadline, unless otherwise specified. For those columns assigned/corresponding to our digital editorial calendar, deadlines will come from Supply & Demand Chain Executive's editorial staff. For those columns not assigned in accordance with the digital editorial calendar, please allow 2-3 weeks for scheduling. 
  • Topic must pertain to supply chain and logistics. CLICK HERE to download Supply & Demand Chain Executive's digital editorial calendar and learn about upcoming topics.
  • Q&A format will not be accepted, as Supply & Demand Chain Executive does not publish Q&As not conducted by editorial staff.
  • Word count = 800-1,200 words. 
  • Must include author’s full name and title, as well as company name. (Author emails will not publish. Company websites will publish through the company profile page). 
  • Author's headshot is recommended, but not mandatory. Headshot must be sent in high-res jpg format. Can also include (1) high-res jpg image pertaining to content, i.e., product, fleet, plant, etc.
  • Columns written by companies not in the supply chain space will not publish.
  • Columns written by marketing/PR agencies will not publish.
  • Limit one column per company per month.
  • Copy must be non-promotional, non-commercial in nature. Any content promoting a company’s products or services will be omitted. This includes hyperlinks back to company websites.
  • Company websites will be listed in the company page tagged to the column.
  • Authors are encouraged to include hyperlinks supporting mentions of studies, polls, market research reports and more. 
  • Copy cannot include quotes/interviews with other sources outside of the author. Quotes will be omitted prior to publication.
  • Editorial staff reserves the right to edit and fact check according to magazine style. Any statistics, facts and/or research must be supported with adequate sourcing.
  • Per magazine policy, Supply & Demand Chain Executive does not insert hyperlinks back to company’s websites, products or services. 
  • You are encouraged to share the link on your website and through your social media channels. Our logo is available for request to post an excerpt on your website or in your e-newsletters. Posting the article on your website or in your e-newsletters without linking back to the article on our site is strictly prohibited and will be subject to copyright infringement. 
  • Please submit expert columns to Alexis Mizell-Pleasant, managing editor, at  

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Please note: We receive about 10-12 expert columns a day, so it may take editorial staff a couple of weeks to provide a publish date. Thank you for your patience.