Combilift Grows Electric Model Range

Combilift release original engine powered model for tough working environments with sustainability in mind.

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Combilift release its new XLE model for tough working environments like timber, concrete and steel sectors. The manufacturer explains that it is like three forklifts in one to reduce fleet sizes. 

Per Combilift

  • The new Combi-XLE incorporates the same key design features as its earlier counterpart such as high ground clearance, large cushioned front and rear tires and a spacious cab, allowing smooth operation on semi rough terrain whilst offering a high level of driver comfort.
  • A hallmark of all Combilift products is the ability to increase storage capacity without expanding the size of a facility, resulting in lower energy usage and associated costs such as heating, lighting and maintenance, which is of significant benefit to the environment and the workforce. Noise pollution and carbon emissions, which can impact on the health and well-being of people as well as wildlife, is also no longer an issue thanks to electric power. Drivers, employees and visitors on site appreciate the quiet operation, as do neighboring residents and businesses, particularly in urban areas.