NetCrunch Prevents Network Crises Before They Happen

This system enables systems administrators to order NetCrunch to restart services, reboot machines and run scripts on alerts

New YorkJuly 22, 2015Adrem Software Inc., a provider of network and systems management solutions, announced that one of the main benefits the company’s network monitoring solution, NetCrunch, provides is that the software is so intuitive and efficient that it actually prevents crises before they happen.

NetCrunch features advanced alerting and self-healing actions, enabling systems administrators to order NetCrunch to restart services, reboot machines and even run scripts on alerts. The platform is a fully automated network monitoring system that provides detailed, easy-to-understand analytics, and is being used by leading companies and organizations across multiple vertical markets, including the global supply chain, government, education, entertainment, automotive, financial, aviation, consumer and transportation, among others.

“Being a network administrator for an organization of any size can be a challenge,” said Tomasz Kunicki, founder and CEO of AdRem. “The constant worry of the possibility that your network will fail or be compromised is stressful, but it does not have to be. With NetCrunch, networks are always under a watchful eye, which provides users with the peace of mind they need to excel in their individual roles within their organizations.”

Whether it’s a world-known university, a high-end automotive manufacturer or a government agency, Adrem says that it keeps networks clean and trouble free 24/7/365.

“NetCrunch has a unique ability to prevent crises before they happen,” continued Kunicki. “And because of our advanced technology, if something does go wrong, NetCrunch can often fix the issue immediately and automatically—and, if not, the client will be alerted within seconds. There is no other product or suite of products that contain all the capabilities and benefits that NetCrunch delivers to any organization in any industry.”

NetCrunch automates the obvious through pre-programmed corrective actions, and by eliminating time-consuming false alerts by running scripts, restarting the service or by simply rebooting the machine in question. As a result, network administrators are able to focus on more critical issues and be viewed as a profit lever for the companies for which they work.

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