'Maker-to-User' Movement in U.S. Manufacturing Gains Traction

A new report examines the idea that amid tariff tumult local sourcing and production could be the remedy for supply chain headaches.

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In the newly released report, "Farm-to-Table’ Becomes ‘Maker-to-User’: How a Manufacturing Movement is Emerging,” MetalMiner, a pricing and sourcing intelligence website for metal-buying organizations, explores how the “maker-to-user” model is gaining traction in the American manufacturing market. Amid tariff tumult comes the argument that local sourcing and production can be the remedy for supply chain headaches.

"The  maker-to-user movement is not new to U.S. manufacturing,” says MetalMiner  founder and CEO Lisa Reisman. “In most instances, potential small cost increases are more than outweighed by improved lead times, flexibility and reliability due to the shorter supply chain.”

Highlights of the report include: 

  • Parallel between the farm-to-table agricultural model and the “maker-to-user” movement in manufacturing
  • Analysis of the financial and general benefits gained from local sourcing
  • Comparison of local vs. offshore supply chains and their economic repercussions
  • The impact of the Trump Administration’s new tariffs

The report also illustrates how, especially basic U.S. industries, are at risk due to extensive import penetration and examines the question of consumer cost. To access the full report, click here.