Walmart to Boost Wages for Most U.S. Store Workers

The nation’s largest retailer will broaden pay increases as it tries to counter a tight labor market and stem turnover

The Wall Street Journal
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Jan. 22, 2016Walmart Stores Inc., the nation’s largest private employer, will give most of its U.S. hourly store employees a raise as it tries to contend with a tighter labor market and high turnover, which is a recurring problem in retail.

The far-reaching boost in pay is intended to curb complaints by some store workers about Walmart’s ampler wages for new hires. The company also wishes to mitigate turnover, and in turn, the amount of capital it spends to hire and train new employees. Walmart loses approximately half a million store employees annually.

The wage boost will affect almost 1.2 million U.S. employees at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.

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