Subscriptions from New Customers Grew by 140 Percent Year over Year

New products, including quality, exchange, demand, projects and more, drove Arena’s expansion

Foster City, Calif.Oct. 31, 2014Arena Solutions, a provider of cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) applications, announced strong year-over-year growth in Q3 2014 over Q3 2013, especially in the enterprise segment, in which the average deal size more than doubled. Overall, subscriptions from new customers grew 140 percent in Q3 2014 over the same period last year.

Arena experienced a 61 percent increase in net new subscriptions over that same period, the best in the company’s history. Net new subscriptions growth measures the total increase in all subscriptions—new customer subscriptions plus renewals and expansions—minus any cancellations. Once again, Arena’s growth was influenced by the rapid adoption of the new products Arena released over the past year, including quality, exchange, demand, application program interface (API) and projects.

“The market is clearly embracing the broader PLM product footprint we added to our solution over the past 12 months,” said Craig Livingston, CEO at Arena Solutions. “And we will continue to add new features that uniquely differentiate Arena in the PLM market, such as the release of Arena Scribe, a collaboration platform that enables our customers to collaborate with their internal teams, external suppliers and partners on individual items within the product record—all with a familiar social look and feel. Today, customers expect much more from their PLM system than as a place for the bill of materials (BOM) to live. It’s becoming the central hub for broad communications within the supply chain about the product record and is one of the reasons Arena customers consistently deliver their innovative products to market faster than their competitors.”

New customers added in Q3 2014 include:

  • Advanced Oncotherapy, PLC, which is a developer and provider of particle therapy systems that makes radiation less toxic for cancer patients.
  • Actiontec Electronics, which develops broadband solutions that connect people to the Internet, including whole home wireless solutions, wireless video and display devices, gigabit Ethernet fiber routers and high-speed VDSL gateways.
  • Authentix, which provides brand protection, product authentication, supply chain security, excise tax recovery, banknote authentication and banknote fitness solutions to governments, Fortune 500 companies and central banks around the world.
  • Blue Microphones, which produces a family of audio tools.
  • DEKA, which was founded by renowned inventor, Dean Kamen, and focuses on the development of radical new technologies that span a diverse set of applications.
  • Motion Solutions, which manufactures the industry’s largest selection of custom electromechanical linear actuators, ranging in capacity from 40 to 1,500 pounds.
  • R.J. Corman Railpower, which builds environmentally friendly hybrid and genset yard locomotives.
  • Tempronics, which develops solid-state thermoelectric devices that heat, cool and generate electricity, and can be easily integrated into everyday products like chairs, beds and automobiles.
  • VTS Medical Systems, LLC, which produces a wide range of custom electronic devices for clients in the medical field, including high-quality surgical-grade LCD displays, headlight cameras and 3CCD cameras, video capture systems, and fiber optic audio, video and control transmission equipment.

“This was a terrific quarter for Arena,” said Ken Bozzini, CFO at Arena Solutions. “And as we continuously improve in all areas, we expect our growth trajectory to continue rising as well.”

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