Logility Voyager Integrated Business Planning Unveiled

On-demand simulation and scenario analysis, social collaboration, and unified data model drive sales and operations planning

AtlantaApril 11, 2014Logility Inc., a supplier of collaborative solutions to optimize the supply chain, unveiled Logility Voyager Integrated Business Planning. Voyager Integrated Business Planning provides a holistic view of planning across the business, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales marketing, suppliers and customers. This new solution ties strategic, tactical and operational activities into a single comprehensive business plan, bringing rapid simulations from in-memory processing and real-time analytics to enable demand and supply segmentation and multi-enterprise collaboration to the planners’ desktop.

According to Aberdeen Group, establishing a formalized sales and operations planning (S&OP) process is the number one priority for best-in-class companies as they manage the pressures coming from demand volatility and risk[1]. However, many companies still rely on spreadsheets as the foundation for planning processes. This approach is inefficient and injects stale data, which leads to questioning the validity of the information. Leveraging a single data model across the Voyager suite, Logility’s Integrated Business Planning enables organizations to rapidly evaluate multiple scenarios, as well as model and initiate on-demand sessions around unexpected events.

“Having a comprehensive on-demand planning platform is the single most important business process for managing risk and increasing profitability in today’s highly competitive global market,” said Mike Edenfield, president and CEO, Logility. “Demand volatility and supply variability place immense pressure on today’s complex supply chains as companies look to reduce costs, while also boosting service levels. Voyager Integrated Business Planning cuts through the noise to deliver access to business scenarios that model multiple what-if trade-offs to help them accelerate their planning and take advantage of market opportunities before the competition.”

Voyager Integrated Business Planning is built upon three main principles: on-demand scenarios and simulation, social collaboration, and a unified data model.

Scenarios and Simulations

Critical to implementing the correct course of action is understanding the options and their implications to the business. Voyager Integrated Business Planning delivers rapid interactive simulation and scenario analysis to support demand and supply balancing, segmentation, S&OP and financial plan alignment. With the ability to proactively plan for both opportunities and challenges, companies are better prepared and able to focus resources on the activities that deliver the greatest benefit.

Social Collaboration

The context-aware supply chain requires rapid communication with and the ability to integrate data from multiple stakeholders and sources. Voyager Integrated Business Planning delivers embedded social collaboration and workflows that enables rapid planning and better decision-making across the organization—finance, sales, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain—along with key customers and suppliers.

Unified Data Model

Voyager Integrated Business Planning delivers real-time analysis with a unified view of sales, supply chain and financial data. This information can be presented at any level of granularity and dimension, allowing organizations to understand and develop shelf-keeping unit (SKU)-specific plans that evaluate both financial and volumetric measures. The direct tie between the operational plans and integrated business planning enables organizations to respond to opportunities and risks on demand as the situations unfold, eliminating the need for manual data input and manipulation.

[1] “S&OP: Non Negotiable As A Process” Bryan Ball, Aberdeen Group, December 2013

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