Most Service Providers Limit Growth Using Last-Generation Tools

Service providers leveraging an integrated project and buying management tool saw increased annual growth and cost savings

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Mountain View, Calif.Jan. 28, 2014Noosh, a provider of cloud-based integrated project and procurement management technology for business service providers, released a report that reveals how technology plays an integral role in improving service delivery, transparency, efficiency and reporting. The results, collected from August through November 2013, show that 63 percent of executives surveyed do not have client collaboration, internal project management and procurement technology that is very well integrated in place, representing an overwhelming dependency on last generation tools and technologies.

Noosh’s report, “Technology and its Relationship to Business Success,” includes survey results of nearly 200 business service provider executives in several industries. The survey gathered feedback from a selection of voluntary participants through a direct mail online survey to understand the key technology drivers and gaps in their business.

The results, which are also depicted in an infographic, support the argument that many service providers are restricted from maximizing their growth and revenue potential. According to calculations and evaluation of the Noosh network, service providers that integrated project and buying management tools benefited from 132 percent faster annual growth than the industry average and enjoy a 27 percent cost savings.

Service Providers Still Using Antiquated Tools

Other key findings from the report highlight the continued use of last-generation tools and technologies despite their clear disadvantages in efficiency and cost. These findings include:

  • Business service providers are using a variety of tools for internal project management and client collaboration, including file sharing, file transfer services and customer web portals. Primarily, survey respondents reveal a dependence on spreadsheets (73 percent) and email (96 percent) to manage service delivery.
  • Professionals also rely on spreadsheets, file shares, and email to manage buying and procurement, a method that complicates the ability to meet demands of enterprise customers.
  • Despite the reliance on multiple solutions and non-collaborative workflow tools, 90 percent of respondents recognize that technology is critical to improving service delivery and successfully completing projects.

“We see tremendous opportunity for small and mid-sized service providers to grow and gain market share with the use of smart, integrated project management and procurement tools, and provide support to large enterprise customers as experts in their domain,” said Ofer Ben-Shachar, founder and CEO of Noosh. “By ignoring the technology opportunity, many companies will struggle to compete in this transformative business environment.”

The survey was conducted among business service provider executives in the industries of marketing, transportation, print, engineering and customer manufacturing. The survey was facilitated through an online survey platform beginning August 2013. The survey closed to responses on November 15, 2013.The results of this report are compiled from 190 anonymous respondents. All percentage calculations were rounded up to the nearest whole number.

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