Enhancing Mobile Task Worker Efficiency, Productivity

The Wavelink Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite from LANDesk Software enables the enterprise to unify the mobile environment

Salt Lake CitySept. 27, 2013—LANDesk Software introduces its Wavelink Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite. As enterprises become increasingly mobile, operations and information technology (IT) are searching for strategic ways to ensure mobility tools optimize productivity and efficiency for workers. The Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite enables the enterprise to unify the mobile environment where the applications, processes and the mobile devices running them, as well as any associated infrastructure, can be strategically and centrally managed and deployed.

The Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite is an integrated, long-term solution for enterprises that need to support a wide variety of mobile technologies that have traditionally been treated as independent components. It integrates Wavelink’s enterprise mobility capabilities with a suite of products to enable a mobile strategy that optimizes productivity and efficiency. To reduce complexity and broaden control, the Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite enables IT and operations to manage mobile devices, applications and data through a single set of solutions. This eliminates the need for organizations to rely on point products from multiple vendors.

“Mobility is an important and incredibly complex component of the modern enterprise,” said Steve Daly, CEO of LANDesk Software. “Unfortunately, it can also quickly become a fragmented part of the enterprise as point products are applied like Band-Aids, leaving mobility deployment and execution without a strategic direction—or worse, stuck with point products that aren’t compatible.

“Managing mobility is about finding a solution that unifies and simplifies the complexities of mobility in order to approach mobility strategically, rather than in break-fix pieces. With the Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite, everything an enterprise needs to manage a unified and strategic mobility deployment is integrated and optimized to provide maximum productivity and efficiency benefits to mobile users and the applications on which they rely. ”

“Our devices are literally all over the country,” said Luis Ramos, general manager at Goya Foods. “Utilizing a suite of solutions from a single vendor allows us to reach out to wherever the device is, and manage it and the applications, and update as we need. I don’t know how I would be able to do that without utilizing the entire Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite.”

The Wavelink Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite features the following products:

  • Wavelink Avalanche
  • Wavelink Terminal Emulation
  • Wavelink Speakeasy
  • Wavelink Velocity
  • Wavelink Industrial Browser
  • Wavelink Studio
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