Elcom International Partners with UK Government Initiative

Key player in delivery of cloud-based purchasing initiative

Braintree, Mass.—Aug. 26, 2013—Elcom International, a software firm whose application PECOS was one of the first global cloud-based eProcurement systems, has partnered with the Government of the United Kingdom on their groundbreaking gCloud initiative. The move is designed to reduce the complexity and cost of procuring cloud-based services. This UK government commitment to more widely utilize cloud computing applications will lead to lower overhead costs in government, directly benefiting taxpayers over time.

“We have worked with governments for over 15 years, and this is one of the most fruitful and exciting results of helping them better enable, track and analyze their spending on goods and services,” said Bill Lock, Chairman of Elcom International. “We are entering a new era in government, in which technology will further improve efficiency, responsiveness and cost saving.”

The UK government will use cloud computing to change the way it purchases and consumes Information and Communication Technology (ICT). gCloud is a responsive and evolving program that will deliver fundamental changes in the way the public sector in the UK procures and operates ICT.

The gCloud strategy will allow the UK government to:

  • achieve large, cross-government economies of scale;
  • deliver ICT systems that are flexible and responsive to demand in order to support government policies and strategies;
  • take advantage of new technologies in order to deliver faster business benefits and reduce cost;
  • meet environmental and sustainability targets;
  • allow government to procure in a way that encourages a dynamic and responsive supplier marketplace and supports emerging suppliers.

Under the gCloud initiative, Elcom’s holds a framework agreement from which UK public sector organizations can call off services without needing to run a full tender process. With more than 100 UK Government agencies already Elcom clients, this framework agreement will allow further agencies to gain easy and quick access to PECOS eProcurement services.

For more information, visit www.elcom.com.