Knapp AG Enacts Leadership Changes

DI Eduard Wünscher to step down as company CEO and move to supervisory board

Hart bei Graz, AustriaAug. 8, 2012—Effective October 1, 2012, DI Eduard Wünscher will move to the Supervisory Board of the company from his current role as Chief Executive Officer of KNAPP AG. The new executive management team is comprised of three members of the managing board under the lead of Gerald Hofer, MBA. The executive committee of the Supervisory Board—Dr. Herbert Knapp and University Professor Günter Knapp—announced that DI Franz Mathi and Dr. Christian Grabner will be appointed as new members of the Managing Board. As Chief Operating Officer, Mathi will be responsible for the areas of procurement, development and production. Grabner will now be responsible for the corporate group finances.

“Eduard Wünscher significantly contributed to the successful development of KNAPP AG,” said Dr. Herbert Knapp, chairperson of the KNAPP AG Supervisory Board. “His leadership has shaped the company and led us to where we are today: ranking at the top of the market.”

Wünscher, who has been active on the executive management team for 26 years, with 25 years as Managing Director as well as being part of the Managing Board at KNAPP, will continue to assist the company in an advisory role in addition to his activities on the Supervisory Board.

“In the past years, through our combined efforts, we succeeded in making KNAPP a global player and became the world market leader in several industries,” said Wünscher. “The time has now come for me to take on a new responsibility. I am handing over a successful business and am looking forward to my new role on the Supervisory Board.”