Gisle Krigsvoll AS Goes Live with Blue Ridge Forecasting and Replenishment Solution

Nordics hardware supplier utilizes CLARITY Replenishment for demand forecasting and replenishment optimization

Atlanta—May 22, 2012—Global Software as a Service (SaaS) inventory solutions provider Blue Ridge today announced  that Gisle Krigsvoll AS is now live with its CLARITY Replenishment and Visibility Analytics solutions to optimize the company’s inventory replenishment beginning at the Heimdal Trondheim warehouse. 

Implemented by Inventory Investment AS, Blue Ridge’s solutions will help the Nordics hardware supplier better live up to customers’ expectations on product availability and optimize cash flow and profit through inventory management.

“Our demand and supply network had become so complex that the functionality from our existing ERP system was insufficient,” said Siri Krigsvoll, Vice President of Logistics, Gisle Krigsvoll AS. “We recently went live with CLARITY and after such a short time, we have already observed great advantages. The system enables precise planning on tactical and strategic levels, which highlights new opportunities for us.”

Krigsvoll also noted that his company’s replenishment process is now executed in far less time, with logistical and commercial considerations automatically taken into account, which enables his replenishment team to focus on more strategic activities.  

“GK recognized a need for new, innovative, solutions to their inventory issues, so CLARITY was an excellent fit,” stated Sverre Rosmo, Chief Executive Officer of Inventory Investment AS. “Their industry presents unique challenges and requires solutions that are adaptable.”

Rosmo identified next-generation capabilities, complete functionality and simple configuration of the solution as key benefits for their client and recommended the Blue Ridge products. Executive management saw improved supply-chain performance as a strategic advantage and considered that carefully in making a selection.

“Our motivation came from knowing we could unleash the substantial potential of our company with increased profitability and cash flow by implementing CLARITY,” said Anders Krigsvoll, Chief Executive Officer at Gisle Krigsvoll AS. “Just as importantly, we believe that this will significantly strengthen our competitive position.”