Mohawk Industries Selects e-Invoicing Solution

Flooring manufacturer expects solution from OB10 to eliminate invoice paperwork, support strategy to offer excellent customer service

Flooring manufacturer expects solution from OB10 to eliminate invoice paperwork, support strategy to offer excellent customer service

San Francisco, — March 6, 2006 — Mohawk Industries Inc., a supplier of flooring for both residential and commercial applications, announced that it has selected OB10, a global e-Invoicing network with members in 70 countries and across six continents, to provide an electronic invoicing solution to enhance its accounts payable process.

The Mohawk family is comprised of various subsidiaries and brands and maintains an unparalleled distribution network in the United States. To better manage back-office processes, Mohawk is dedicated to preserving a best-in-class level of operations to service a large customer base with a premium level of service in the most efficient manner.

The Mohawk accounts payable department has used a sophisticated workflow application and for some time sought a more cost-effective solution to receive and process invoices.

After evaluating several options, Mohawk came to the conclusion that OB10 e-Invoicing provided the best solution while supporting the company's business strategy to offer excellent customer service.

Mohawk said using OB10 not only improves the process and cut costs, it also improves and strengthens Mohawk's relationships with its suppliers; eliminates invoice paperwork and potential errors associated with processing paper invoices; positions Mohawk for international growth and expansion, as OB10 is the only provider that is VAT compliant in multiple countries; and demonstrates Mohawk's commitment to continuous improvement.

Mohawk estimated that over the next 12 months, the majority of its suppliers will convert and present invoices via the OB10 network, representing approximately 70 percent of their current paper invoice volume. OB10 will manage all of the activities critical to supplier enrollment, including supplier communication, integration and technical support.

Mohawk is pleased to be the first organization in our industry to move to e-Invoicing as a more innovative, efficient way of processing invoices, said Mark Dailey, director of Financial Operations for Mohawk Industries. We see this as a step toward strengthening supplier relations while providing world class, cost effective service.

OB10 is honored that Mohawk selected us as their solution provider, said Jamie Gunn, chief executive officer, OB10. We are pleased that OB10 will help strengthen Mohawk's supplier relations and position Mohawk for operational expansion outside North America.

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