OpenMFG Releases New Tools to Open Source Community

Open source-based ERP solution provider releases new report writer, debuts community forum

Open source-based ERP solution provider releases new report writer, debuts community forum

Norfolk, VA — OpenMFG, a provider of open source-based enterprise solutions for small manufacturers and distributors, has announced two new initiatives intended to support the global open source community.

The company's flagship product is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution built with open source components, such as the Linux operating system, the PostgreSQL database and the OpenRPT report writer.

Available OpenMFG modules include Inventory Management, Product Definition and Costing, Work Order Management, Master Scheduling and MRP, Capacity Planning, Purchase Order Management, Sales Order Management, Shipping and Receiving, Sales Analysis, Project Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and a General Ledger.

Under the company's hybrid license, customers and partners have full access to the application source code, and any enhancements made to the product flow back to OpenMFG for review, quality testing and possible incorporation into the baseline product.

The first of the two new initiatives, a new community Web site at, offers mail, forums, blogs, a fully public bug tracker, expanded documentation and downloads. The site is powered by Drupal, an open source content management system, and the Mantis open source bug tracker.

OpenMFG said it has made several enhancements to Drupal and Mantis, including integrating the two projects and expanding support for the PostgreSQL open source database, and will be contributing all those enhancements back to the open source community. The site is free and open to all; registered users (including anyone who has registered for an OpenMFG software download over the past several years) have access to enhanced services.

OpenMFG also is releasing version 2 of OpenRPT, a cross-platform GUI report designer and server-side rendering engine, available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Version 2 adds a number of new features, including generic ODBC database connectivity (in addition to the standard PostgreSQL support), and native print-to-PDF capability on all platforms.

OpenRPT 2.0 is available for download at and via the SourceForge open source hosting site.

"OpenMFG has built its reputation as a different kind of software vendor, sharing a great deal of information about its product, pricing and business plans," said Ned Lilly, OpenMFG president and CEO. "We see this expanded Web site as the next step in that process and hope that it will be useful not only for our current community of partners and customers, but also for the tens of thousands of manufacturing and technology professionals who are evaluating OpenMFG as a solution for their business."

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