BEA Systems and HP "Tag-Team" on RFID-enabled Solutions

Expanded collaboration aims to drive deeper customer visibility into supply chains

Expanded collaboration aims to drive deeper customer visibility into supply chains

San Jose, CA  April 25, 2006  BEA Systems is teaming with HP on new radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions for enterprise customers, leveraging HP Services' global reach and RFID implementation expertise and BEA's WebLogic RFID products.

The two companies have agreed to provide RFID solutions designed to help manufacturers, retailers, distributors, transportation and other industry customers streamline supply chain operations. They said they are building a portfolio of RFID solutions targeting four key areas, including:

  • Retail operations and asset management, to help enhance retail operations and supply chain management with RFID;

  • An RFID compliance and tagging solution for suppliers, to provide a low-risk, cost-effective way to meet RFID mandates and establish the foundation for an adaptive, digital supply chain;

  • Reusable asset tracking, to help track and trace high-value reusable assets, including roll cages, racks, totes and containers; and,

  • Safe and secure supply chain, to help track and secure the flow of goods across the entire supply chain and ensure compliance to RFID regulatory guidelines.
The companies said that for joint customers the RFID solutions can help streamline new product introductions through product availability at crucial retail points; reduce spoilage and obsolescence by monitoring expiration dates, temperatures and humidity; improve operational effectiveness by improved tracking of reusable assets; improve public safety by targeted product recalls and reduced product counterfeiting; and improve retail consumer satisfaction through improved availability of goods on retail shelves.

"Customers are looking for RFID solutions that can help them leverage enterprise assets from the network edge back to the data center with superior reliability, availability, scalability and performance," said Wai Wong, executive vice president of products at BEA Systems. "The ... combination of BEA WebLogic RFID products and HP's manufacturing, consulting, integration and support capabilities can help businesses be more successful and meet service-level agreements, ensure compliance and drive a transformation towards a demand driven supply chain."

HP offers services designed for planning, designing, managing and supporting RFID-enabled solutions. BEA provides BEA WebLogic RFID products and a service-oriented approach to RFID.

"HP and BEA are able to offer customers improved operating efficiencies, competitive advantages and the ability to meet compliance mandates with these new RFID solutions," said Frank Lanza, worldwide director for RFID services at HP. "We've customized these solutions to optimize asset inventory, increase revenue by reducing out-of-stocks and improve margin through reduced product diversions."

The joint BEA and HP RFID-enabled solutions are available today.

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