LXE Unveils New Vehicle-mounted RFID Reader at Wal-Mart Forum

"Ultra-rugged" life truck-mounted RX2 debuts for standard forklift pallet move applications

"Ultra-rugged" life truck mounted unit debuts for standard forklift pallet move applications

Atlanta — April 26, 2006 — Rugged computing specialist LXE is unveiling its ultra-rugged RX2 lift truck-mounted radio frequency identification (RFID) reader at the Wal-Mart Supplier On-Boarding Forum and EPCglobal US Tech Expo this week in Dallas, the solution provider announced.

The RX2 is the second lift truck mounted RFID reader being developed by LXE, the first one being the RX1 announced last September.

LXE said that the RX2 addresses a need for a "simple," easy-to-install, vehicle-mounted RFID reader that can be used for standard RFID-based forklift pallet move applications, such as shipping, receiving, picking and put-aways, where EPC RFID-based identification of pallet loads and locations are used.

The RX2's mounting solution requires no permanent lift modifications or lift truck downtime for installation. According to LXE, the unit is "ultra-rugged" and has been designed to operate in the extreme environment found on the business end of a lift truck.

The RX2 ships with the Windows CE operating system and an 802.11 radio. The unit can run off its own battery or the lift truck's power. The RX2 supports the reading of EPC Class 0, Class 1 and C1G2 (Gen2) tags.

With support for reader and device application programming interfaces (APIs), an embedded FTP server, TCP/IP networking, and a sample RFID Tag logging application, developers and integrators will be able to integrate RFID data into logistics applications, whether batch, real-time, client/server or .NET Compact Framework based solutions, LXE said.

RX2 deployments can be scaled up with configuration and management support provided by RS232 serial or 802.11 network connection using the RX2 Software Configuration Utility and the RX2 Software Update Manager, according to the solution provider.