"Best-value Sourcing" Solution Allows "Apples and Oranges" Comparisons

Joint offering from Puridiom and Procusoft includes engine to let buyers analyze total value of supplier bids rather than price alone

Joint offering from Puridiom and Procusoft includes engine to let buyers analyze total value of supplier bids rather than price alone

Minneapolis, MN  May 12, 2006  Procurement and sourcing solution providers Procusoft and Technical Services Associates (TSA) have partnered to address what they say is a growing demand for "best-value sourcing," with the two companies offering a joint, end-to-end procurement solution.

TSA entered into a partnership with Procusoft, a division of Auguri Corporation, under an agreement that will see TSA resell Auguri's products to compliment its own Puridiom suite of purchasing software and procurement solutions.

Procusoft offers an "apples and oranges comparison engine" that can augment traditional procurement systems by integrating the ability to analyze and assess proposals (products and services) based on buyers' needs and the captured knowledge of their experts. Procusoft's system captures specific business processes, rules and logic so that a procurement team no longer needs to read, assess and score each proposal individually, the two providers said.

By taking this approach, Procusoft said, its solution allows suppliers to compete in real time on all the criteria important to a buyer rather than just on price. This process helps buyers assess the "best value," or the best overall deal for their company. For example, at a click of a button, a $1,000 laptop with a 15" screen and a 3.2GHz CPU delivered in two days can be compared to a $1,500 laptop with a 17" screen and 2.5GHz CPU delivered in 5 days.

"By eliminating the time-consuming process of reading and scoring proposals, buyers can focus on what is important to them: processing solicitations and procuring best value solutions to meet specific organizational needs," the enablers said in announcing the joint offering.

Jesus Ramos, CEO of TSA, said, "Puridiom's self-service procurement solutions coupled with Procusoft's technology will revolutionize the procurement industry because no matter what your business is, making the right choice is paramount and best value sourcing is essential."

"Puridiom was the logical choice for us because of our strategic synergies and how well our products complemented each other" said Fadi Victor Micaelian, CEO of Procusoft.

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