Manufacturer Molex Increases Response to Varied Customer Demand

Taps Selectica to streamline electronics design processes, shortening and automating the sales cycle

Taps Selectica to streamline electronics design processes, shortening and automating the sales cycle

San Jose, CA — June 27, 2006 — Selectica, a provider of configuration, sales execution and contract management applications, and Molex Inc., a global manufacturer of interconnection solutions, today announced that Molex is using Selectica's configuration software to streamline the design process for configurable solutions.

Launched at the Telecommunications Industry Association's GLOBALCOMM event earlier this month, the Selectica-powered Backplane Connector Configurator application enables Molex customers to create technical drawings and bills of materials (BOMs) more quickly and efficiently by streamlining the design process for complex products. The new capability allows Molex's industrial customers to improve responsiveness to changing customer needs and respond quicker with a reliable proposal drawing.

"By using the Selectica software, we were able to create a program that enables our customers to choose from a variety of options to design their own customized connectors," said Tim Tsouchlos, group product manager, Backplane Products, Molex Inc. "Our Selectica-powered Backplane Connector Configurator allows us to meet our customers' emerging needs by offering them a quick and efficient solution that simplifies and speeds up the traditional design process."

The new Backplane Connector Configurator allows users to choose from many available backplane connector components. By selecting from a list of available backplane products and specified layouts, they are able to speed up the design process by avoiding confusion and mistakes normally associated with traditional manual processes. This, in turn, enables Molex to bring products to market faster, realize revenue quicker and capture marketshare more aggressively. Additionally, the application performs optimizations on the customer selections, ensuring that the customer's drawing is an efficient representation of their needs.

"Selectica has developed a customized configuration solution that provides Molex with the ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to evolving customer demands," said James Dias, vice president of marketing and sales at Selectica. "The deployment with Molex puts the power and flexibility of Selectica's automated configuration software into a unified Web-based selling environment to increase sales efficiency, reduce configuration cycle times and provide a distinct customer advantage."