Enablers Combine Real-time Supply Chain Visibility with Optimization Solution

Blue Sky Logistics forms partnership with Optricity to offer executive visibility and problem resolution technology

Blue Sky Logistics forms partnership with Optricity to offer executive visibility and problem resolution technology

Coppell, TX — July 3, 2006 — Blue Sky Logistics, a real-time supply chain visibility software company, and Optricity Corporation, a developer of supply chain optimization engines, have formed a partnership to offer solutions for real-time alerts to supply chain issues as well as answers to complex supply chain optimization problems.

By embedding Optricity's primary Juncture Optimization engines into Blue Sky Logistics' Insight executive decision dashboard, the companies will be able not only to alert customers to real-time pending issues and trends within their supply chains but also to solve complex optimization problems, the two companies said. These solution areas include product and equipment routing, scheduling, assignments and queuing.

Optricity provides supply chain optimization engines and applications that solve complex algorithmic problems within the total realm of a company's supply chain. With Optricity's product as the algorithmic solver engine and Blue Sky Logistics as the supply chain visibility solution, the two companies said they will be able to provide customers with a more comprehensive visibility and resolution application.

"Blue Sky Logistics will embed Optricity's optimization engine within our Insight product," said Steve Hensley, president of Blue Sky Logistics. "In doing so, we will create a more comprehensive executive visibility and resolution technology solution for our customers. Optricity has the top supply chain optimization engine in the industry and 'Powered by Optricity' is one additional way we will be able to add real supply chain value for our customers."

"We have coined the term 'Juncture Optimization' to describe our positioning at merge points or 'in the cracks' between mainstream systems where visibility applications may reside but where there is no use of optimization techniques to achieve a more globally optimal solution to supply chain problems," added Dan Basmajian, president of Optricity. "By working now with Blue Sky Logistics, we will be able to take this vision one step further by combining optimization techniques with total supply chain visibility to provide companies with an extremely powerful decision-making tool."

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