RFID Center of Excellence Set to Open by Year's End

Loftware and RFID4U enter partnership to jointly develop training center for advanced certifications in auto-ID technology

Loftware and RFID4U enter partnership to jointly develop training center for advanced certifications in auto-ID technology

Portsmouth, NH — July 10, 2006 — Auto-ID solution provider Loftware and RFID4U, the country's largest radio frequency identification (RFID) training company, have entered into a partnership to jointly develop an RFID Center of Excellence at Loftware's new corporate headquarters in Portsmouth, N.H.

The center is scheduled to open to a select set of customers by November and to be fully operational and open to all by the second quarter of 2007. The center will feature a combination of courses offered by RFID4U for advanced RFID certification as well as a real-world manufacturing solutions testing center equipped and staffed by Loftware.

Loftware said that the Center of Excellence will be unique among all such facilities in New England as it will offer a combination of educational curricula as well as hands-on experience with a wide variety of RFID technologies and methodologies all under one roof.

This collaborative partnership comes on the heels of Loftware's move to a new 40,000 square foot facility in Portsmouth, N.H., in May. Since 1986, Loftware Inc. has been designing and deploying auto-identification solutions for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies within the retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and logistics markets.

The company's RFID Center of Excellence will be demonstrating real world application of the best practices from lessons learned at implementations around the world, and will be showing applications using the Loftware RRM, a customizable RFID reader controlling middleware platform designed for integration with existing value-added systems.

"Many applications shown [at the Center of Excellence] will demonstrate things only talked about at other facilities," said Mark Brown, RFID4U vice president of professional services. "Demonstrations will include events relevant to everyday supply chain issues, and the solutions shown will enforce the concept of driving tangible business value while still meeting mandates."

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