Global Communications, Content Companies Select Vitria

Business process apps combine integration infrastructure, process orchestration to automate and manage complex business processes

Business process apps combine integration infrastructure, process orchestration to automate and manage complex business processes

Sunnyvale, CA — July 17, 2006 — Vitria Technology Inc., a provider of business process integration solutions, today announced that an increasing number of global telecommunications companies are using Vitria's platform and business process applications (BPAs) to automate and orchestrate order handling, exception handling, process modeling and product lifecycle management (PLM) across systems, people and partners.

Since launching its first BPA for the telecommunications industry in 2005, Vitria has continued to expand its product portfolio to include a full suite of packaged, service-oriented applications (SOAs) to enable service providers to cut costs, speed service rollouts and reduce customer churn by flexibly automating core processes.

Vitria has more than 60 active telecommunications industry customers including AT&T, AOL Germany, Brasil Telecom, R-Cable, SureWest, UPC, Bell Canada, Bell South, British Telecom, Servei de Telecommunications d'Andorra, Sky Mexico, Sprint, Tele Norte, Singapore Telecom, Slovak Telecom, XM Satellite, and XO Communications.

"Service Providers are developing a wide variety of exciting new capabilities that will finally deliver on the promise of 'Any Service, Any Device, Any Where' that their customers demand. Business process integration solutions are a key ingredient in the programs to launch these new services rapidly, seamlessly and at low cost," said Larry Ehrhardt, senior director of Telecom Solutions at Vitria.

Vitria's telecommunications BPA solution suite is designed to facilitate a flow-through end-to-end process for order fulfillment and to reduce the impact of process exceptions from ordering, service assurance and billing cycles. Today the suite includes Order Accelerator, a BPA that orchestrates provisioning, and Resolution Accelerator, a BPA that handles exception management, across systems, work centers and partners. Together Vitria's Order Accelerator and Resolution Accelerator reduce service rollout cycles by as much as 50 percent and cut order provisioning time from days to minutes.

As part of the company's overall strategy, Vitria is augmenting its service provider-focused suite with a new BPA that includes "pre-order" coverage in addition to providing a centralized approach for managing fulfillment processes for offers, services and resources. These additions offer end-to-end process integration and management and place control over product process definition in the hands of the service provider's business team.