Department of Defense Selects Providers for RFID Deployment

Psion Teklogix to deploy GlobeRanger iMotion Edgeware to Defense Distribution Centers worldwide

Psion Teklogix to deploy GlobeRanger iMotion Edgeware to Defense Distribution Centers worldwide

Erlanger, KY — July 18, 2006 — The United States Defense Distribution Center (DDC) has awarded Psion Teklogix a contract worth an estimated $1.8 million. Under the agreement, Psion Teklogix will deploy GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware throughout DDC facilities by the end of 2007.

Under the terms of the contract, Psion Teklogix will work with GlobeRanger, a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID), mobility and sensor-based software, to deploy iMotion Edgeware in 26 DDC sites around the world. The three-year contract, which begins immediately, will start with installations in the United States in 2006 and will be completed in worldwide sites by 2007.

The contract was issued to help DDC comply with the passive RFID mandatory tagging mandates set by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). DDC began an initial implementation in December of 2004 at two strategic distribution centers to receive goods from suppliers that have been tagged with passive RFID tags. With the new contract and additional installations, DDC will now have the largest passive RFID installation within the U.S. government.

Prior to the awarding of the contract, Psion had been working with DDC on various projects over the past several years. In addition, GlobeRanger began working with DDC on its initial RFID implementation in December of 2004. Recognizing the synergies between the two companies, Psion and GlobeRanger partnered together in early 2005 to deliver RFID solutions for government entities, including the addition of GlobeRanger products to the Psion Teklogix GSA Schedule. The DDC contract win is the first joint effort for the companies.

"Integrating RFID technology into the DoD's immensely complex global supply chain is a critically important endeavor," said Susan King, vice president of Government Solutions, Psion Teklogix Corp. "We are excited to continue our relationship with the DoD and to provide the highest level of RFID Edgeware through GlobeRanger. The partnership with GlobeRanger has enabled us to deliver the exact RFID solution that will meet the needs of the DoD and its vendors. The iMotion platform represents a scalable, cost effective model for low risk implementation of RFID hardware systems."