RedRoller Inc. Chooses Internap to Launch On-demand Shipping Solution

Performance IP service provides uptime for shipping, optimizes first free price-comparison site

Performance IP service provides uptime for shipping, optimizes first free price-comparison site

Atlanta — August 8, 2006 — RedRoller Inc. said this week it selected Internap Network Services Corp.'s Performance IP Internet connectivity service to support its new service that launched in June 2006.

The service is, a free, Web-based shipping solution that lets users compare shipping carrier services and prices in real-time to ship packages anywhere in the United States. RedRoller customers, which include small businesses, e-retailers, catalog companies and consumers, can use the service to ship packages on-demand using a number of leading carriers including the U.S. Postal Service, DHL and FedEx, among others.

Internap said its intelligent route control technology, a proprietary component of the Internap Performance IP service, identifies the best path across up to eight major backbones to optimize access to RedRoller's Web site and avoid congestion points on the Internet. The Internap technology is designed to minimize latency and packet loss, which often results in slow page loads, error messages and timeouts.

"We built from the ground-up using the best, most sophisticated technology available to provide our users with an unbeatable on-demand shipping resource," said Jason Ordway, chief information officer of RedRoller Inc. "The Internap intelligent IP service delivers 100 percent availability and high performance, which are vital to provide our customers with a superior online experience. Internap helps RedRoller leverage the power of the Internet to add new life to a traditional service."

A certified e-Bay application, RedRoller's shipping platform is designed to save time and money for small businesses and consumers and requires no additional software to use. The site touts integrated user features such as the ability to import address books, locate drop off centers, track shipments with multiple carriers and can automatically import expenses into a company ledger.

Ordway said the Internap technology plays a critical role in RedRoller's ability to deliver a positive end-to-end shipping experience and overcome the de-facto standard of "best efforts" routing across the Internet. Performance issues such as slow upload times, extended order processing and site downtime can lead to missed sales opportunities or the inability to meet advertiser click-thru rates. In addition to affecting customer satisfaction levels, site performance is also tied to brand image.

According to a recent study by Boston Consulting, nearly 30 percent of users do not return to a site if they encounter poor or non-existent performance. Harris Interactive also reported that 34 percent of users would turn to a competitor if they experienced problems completing a transaction.

David Abrahamson, vice president of sales, Internap, commented, "During critical moments throughout RedRoller's customer experience, such as the creation of multiple shipments or simply reviewing delivery options, Internap helps them deliver on their promise of providing the best way to ship."