Port of Venice Selects Vehicle Inventory Management System

Active RFID, Wi-Fi solution enables reduced vehicle management costs, better turnaround

Active RFID, Wi-Fi solution enables reduced vehicle management costs, better turnaround

San Mateo, CA — February 8, 2005 — Enterprise visibility solutions provider AeroScout Inc. today said that the Port of Venice, Italy, has installed and is now operating the AeroScout's Wi-Fi-based active radio frequency-identification (RFID) system to track the location of vehicles in the port's lot.

The Port of Venice has a unique automotive vehicle inventory problem. Since no vehicles are allowed in the city itself, many Venice-based businesses utilize the Port's parking facilities for visitors, as it is the closest a vehicle can get to the city. The Port requires visitors and businesses to register for parking online, and closely monitors the vehicles that remain at their lot. By utilizing the AeroScout Visibility System, they can now assign an AeroScout tag to each vehicle, and track that vehicle's accurate location on the lot at all times.

"Teleporto Adriatico has analyzed the RFID and wireless technologies available on the international market and found that the AeroScout solution is ideal for offering port customers quick and valuable improvements to their operations," said Francesco Pedrini, general manager at Teleporto Adriatico (TPA), the partner company that completed the installation of AeroScout's technology at the Port.

Teleporto Adriatico said it intends to use the installation as a reference case for expanding the AeroScout system to other ports around the Adriatic region. Ports can use the real-time location information enabled by AeroScout and TPA to increase the efficiency of transport and logistics operations for a speedy turnaround for customers, lower searching time for assets such as vehicles and reduced theft.