NetSuite Offers New Release of On-demand Business Management Software

Provider claims 10.6 breaks barriers of browser-based business apps with dashboard, Custom Center

Provider claims 10.6 breaks barriers of browser-based business apps with dashboard, Custom Center

San Mateo, CA — August 5, 2005 — NetSuite Inc., a provider of on-demand business management software, has released Version 10.6 of its software. The company said the updated version breaks user interface barriers associated with browser-based applications and allows users to perform complex business functions that change data without regenerating the browser page, extend NetSuite with any application and integrate with widely-used applications like Microsoft Office and Google Maps.

The new capabilities, NetSuite added, combine business intelligence and analytics with business process management in a single, hosted application that is designed for growing small- and medium-sized businesses.

NetSuite said that its one system approach of combining enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce functionality to run a company's core business processes was the first step in creating a new class of applications. The new functionality in NetSuite 10.6 solutions adds a new user interface, application extensibility and productivity tools, including the new AJAX dashboard that has basic functionality to provide a way for end-users to change data without having to regenerate the whole HTML page. The dashboards also have new visualization and alerting technologies, such as graphical key performance indicator (KPI) meters, and trend graph average comparisons, which let users display a Rolling Average line on its trend graphs.

NetSuite also said that its new Custom Center capabilities, used together with the NetFlex AppBuilder toolset, allow users to design, build, deploy, manage and access
new applications through a unified interface. Custom Centers can be used to give a particular user a new view of NetSuite resident data. For example, a CEO Center could be created to organize information in exactly the way a CEO chooses to see it.

Finally, NetSuite 10.6 solutions add new ways to integrate with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Google Maps.

NetSuite is all about making it simpler to manage a business better, said Zach
Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. Our latest release is focused on making every employee's
job — the work they do with others inside their company and with their industry's
customers and suppliers — better.