HighJump Updates Platform with .NET-Based Architecture

Supply chain execution specialist touts increased performance and security, easier integration and interoperability, streamlined interface

Supply chain execution specialist touts increased performance and security, easier integration and interoperability, streamlined interface

Eden Prairie, MN — August 23, 2005 — Supply chain execution specialist HighJump Software has released a new solution platform based on the Microsoft's .NET technology, which HighJump said would provide such benefits to users as increased performance and security, as well as a streamlined interface.

The .NET-based platform serves as a common foundation to integrate HighJump's solutions for warehouse management, transportation management, manufacturing execution and performance management. The platform leverages Web services, a standard for enterprise application integration, to provide better business process management, HighJump said.

This model allows the HighJump system to create composite applications, facilitating interoperability among a customer's business systems. HighJump's investment in .NET technology also supports ongoing internationalization of its product suite, a key factor in the company's expansion efforts.

With this latest release of the platform, servers can now support four times as many users as with previous platforms, reducing the overall number of servers and support required. HighJump also said that this new design allows it to take advantage of inherent features of ASP.NET to provide the scalability and reliability required in highly complex supply chain environments.

The solution provider added that the platform's use of .NET enables an improved Web environment and user interface, which can decrease training time and help end-users navigate HighJump applications quickly and efficiently.

"We've embraced Microsoft's flexible technologies for a long time and believe they lay a strong foundation for long-term expansion of our solution footprint," said Craig Knighton, vice president of product development for HighJump Software. "Microsoft's commitment to our solution suite will provide immense value for our customers as they work to join extended supply chain operations."

"HighJump understands how to fully leverage the benefits of incorporating .NET technology as the basis for its supply chain execution product suite," said John McGlynn, managing director, U.S. manufacturing industry unit of Microsoft. "Such a progressive model will allow manufacturers, as well as retailers, distributors and others, to easily reach the kind of interoperability needed to achieve competitive advantage."

HighJump Software is a 3M company.

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