Loyalty Lab Beefs up Messaging Capabilities in On-demand Retail CRM Suite

Latest release aims to provider consistent messages at every customer touchpoint

Latest release aims to provider consistent messages at every customer touchpoint

San Francisco — September 22, 2005 — Loyalty Lab, a provider of on-demand retail loyalty and customer management solutions, has unveiled the fall 2005 release of its flagship Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Suite, adding expanded abilities to ensure consistent messaging at every customer touchpoint.

The release provides tools to help companies ensure consistent messaging using Web signage, customer service and call centers, point-of-sale systems and cell phones, as well as traditional e-mail.

By utilizing the software-as-a-service delivery model, Loyalty Lab said it can make new features available immediately to existing and new customers without requiring them to make costly upgrades.

"We're working closely with our retail customers to enhance our features and functionalities in ways that help them retain more customers and drive increased sales," said Francesca Noli, senior product manager at Loyalty Lab. "With a touch of a button, we can give our customer access to the newest technology in managing and rewarding shoppers."

The provider said that each of the four components of the CRM Suite includes new features and improvements. For example, the Loyalty module offers retailers greater flexibility with customer tiers through more flexible customer benefits, exclusive offers, advanced targeting options and a wider range of business rules around tier qualification.

With the new Promote module, retailers have more options at their disposal to effect change in customer behavior with advanced activity awards and point acceleration awards capabilities. Elsewhere, in the Message module, Loyalty Lab introduces spam filter estimation and deliverability reporting and analysis powered by Return Path.

Finally, with the updated Core module, Merchants can see improved activity tracking and targeting, configurable questions in preferences and targeting, and self-service trigger e-mail management, among other enhancements in the fall 2005 release.

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