Hand Held Products Joins Intermec RFID Licensing Program

Cross-licensing agreement gives both providers access to each other's patents

Cross-licensing agreement gives both providers access to each other's patents

Skaneateles Falls, NY — September 30, 2005 — Hand Held Products, a provider of image-based mobile data collection systems, and Intermec Technologies Corporation, a provider of identification technologies, have agreed to cross-license portions of their radio frequency identification (RFID) intellectual property portfolios.

Hand Held Products recently joined Intermec's Rapid Start Licensing Program, gaining access to Intermec's reader portfolio of patented RFID technology. In return, Intermec will have access to Hand Held Products' RFID-related patents.

Established in 1972, Hand Held Products is a manufacturer of data collection and communication solutions designed specifically for mobile, in-premise and transaction processing applications in the retail, transportation, parcel delivery, warehousing, manufacturing, government and healthcare markets. The company's image-based data collection products include its Adaptus Imaging Technology, which offers performance beyond basic bar code reading.

Intermec holds more than 145 RFID patents covering broad areas of UHF supply chain RFID practice and applications. Its patents cover the various standards and classes for international practice of RFID, including Class 0, Class 0+, Class 1, UHF Generation 2, ISO and others. The company's Rapid Start Licensing Program, which concluded August 31, was designed to open access to Intermec's current and future RFID technology innovations and to indicate to the marketplace which manufacturers and vendors are licensed to use Intermec's patented RFID technologies.

"RFID adoption will broaden with the alignment of complimentary and trusted technologies that have been a mainstay in supply chains around the world, including bar-code scanning and imaging," said Kevin Jost, Hand Held Products' CEO. "Through our partnership with Intermec, we will continue to improve and adopt cutting edge technologies so that we can respond to short term customer needs as well as their long-term goals."

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